We're back from Sweden!

Things we’ve learnt about Sweden 🇸🇪

We got back recently from a trip to Gothenburg (Sweden) to do some filming at the Clarion Hotel Post, in the heart of the city.

Sweden is a nice (albeit cold and windy!) country. Gothenburg is Sweden’s second city and a major port city for the Nordic region.

So before we get too ‘Judith Charmers’, here are the things we learnt:

  1. Swedish people are really lovely and friendly, it’s really true!
  2. Swedish breakfasts are rubbish, expect 40% of the ingredients available for a English breakfast BUT the Swedes do AMAZING lunches and dinners. Our advice, order something off the menu you don’t recognise and you probably won’t be disappointed. Their meatballs are to die for!
  3. The Swedish word for Bus is Buss.
  4. In Sweden the word Skum means Foam, which can be confusing when you don’t know as it’s written on most the fire extinguishers.
  5. Zebra crossings don’t necessarily give pedestrians right of way. Whilst driving a hire car, we slowed down for a Zebra crossing and the Swedes looked at us like we’re mental for stopping for them. We still don’t know exactly how they work.  
  6. Swedes can tell you’re English just by looking at you, before you even open your mouth.
  7. Is it hot in here? The Swedish people are so attractive it’s quite mind blowing!

Our next trip is to Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States later this month. We’d better get packing! 🇺🇸