Different job, same advice

Just do ONE thing, no matter how small

Today we’re going knee deep into the battlefield of the mind, so buckle up! So creative block eh?

We love a good vlogger who shares their insights into what they do and how they motivate themselves. One thing that has really struck us recently is how people in utterly different industries have the same advice about how to overcome the psychological block that holds us back.

We all have something that we put off. We know we need to, or should do, something… but it always seems such a hurdle in our mind. We build it up to be bigger than it really is and that fear can sometimes prevent us from even starting what we need to. We put it off and leave it to the last minute then, when we finally crack on with it, we have an inevitable ‘mea culpa’ and regret not approaching it sooner and promise ourselves not to do it again… until next time.

Sometimes the easiest way to breakthrough is to decide to do just one thing. Just do ONE small thing, even if it is a token gesture. Because once you’ve achieved that small thing, your mind tends to go:

“Oh ok well that’s not bad, maybe I’ll just do another small thing… and maybe another whilst it’s fresh in my mind…” and before you know it you’re on a roll.

It’s not something unique to us or our industry, everyone has the same irrational thought processes.

To prove our point, we’ve found vloggers describing the exact same thing but from entirely different walks of life.


Max Landis – The Film Screenwriter

Hollywood screenwriter Max Landis beautifully and succinctly explains this technique. The idea of writing an entire film or tv show is incredibly daunting.

What if you just tasked yourself with writing one scene today?

(Scrub to 1mins 38secs if you’re impatient)

WARNING: Contains swearing so prepare your sensibilities for offence. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Andrew Price, Blender Guru – The 3D Modeler

Andrew Price aka the Blender Guru has some hauntingly familiar advice relating to learning a scary new piece of software – something unpleasant that we can all relate to!

What if you agree to click just one thing? Andrew also talks about how famous producers and songwriters use the same technique.

(Scrub to 5mins 14secs if you’re impatient)


Todd, Spaghetti Agency – The Social Media Expert

Todd from Spaghetti Agency also uses this technique and Todd should know he’s a social media powerhouse. He produces so much content that we feel tired just watching him.

Ah, the dreaded blank page, what a nightmare! What if you just tried to write a title, then see how you feel about it?


Phil Sims, The Healthformation Coach – The Personal Trainer

Phil Sims, The Healthformation Coach, also has a very similar bit of advice. To everyone that knows him, Phil is a very active coach and personal trainer. So much so we were shocked to find out that despite his active sporty lifestyle, he never learnt to swim!

What if we take that first step, what can we achieve? You might just surprise yourself.



Hopefully your mind has been sufficiently blown.


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