Our Work

A Waltz in Nature

We are proud to present ‘A Waltz in Nature’.
A short nature film capturing various wildlife, filmed around Warwickshire and beyond over several months.

For our Summer challenge, we attempted to capture wildlife shots using a motorised slider so that in every single shot the camera is moving. This creative constraint certainly made life harder and limited the type of shots we could capture but resulted in very smooth ‘waltz’ like movements.

The type of moving shots wasn’t the only challenge in filming this, we also had to endure:

– 25 mosquito bites
– Kneeling in geese, duck and deer droppings
– Stung multiple times by stinging nettles
– 2 horsefly bites
– Over 60 kilometres of hiking around with filming equipment

Filmed on a Panasonic Lumix GH5S.