Paul Ponsonby

Short promotional video for distribution and warehousing experts Paul Ponsonby Ltd. Featuring an animated ident, professional voiceover and drone footage.

Mustard Presentations

We regularly work with Mustard Presentations on a wide variety of projects including motion graphics and video work for live events.

Dark Frost (TV) & Immune (Feature film)

Jetpack Squirrel have recently worked with Halogen Entertainment on two live action productions. The first being Immune (Zombie feature film, 2016) and Dark Frost (Fantasy TV Pilot, 2017).


Documentary video produced for Quest highlighting the use of Quest Quality scheme in various leisure centres.


Just do ONE thing, no matter how small

Today we’re going knee deep into the battlefield of the mind, so buckle up! So creative block eh? We love a good vlogger who shares their insights into what they… Just do ONE thing, no matter how small


New website, new blog 🐿

We’ve launched a fresh new version of our website this week. Along with that we’re also launching our new blog where we will talk about a variety of subjects including video… New website, new blog 🐿

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